A non-custodial wallet for Solana

SolFlare is a simple and intuitive interface that helps you connect to the Solana blockchain and manage your SOL.




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SolFlare Staking Accounts

You can now see in real-time how fast SolFlare is gaining traction!

The graph below shows a visual representation of the number of SolFlare accounts, compared to the total number of staking accounts that currently exist on Solana.


Introducing SolFlare

SolFlare is the first digital wallet created exclusively for Solana. We designed this wallet to be a simple and elegant solution for Solana users that want to easily access and manage their tokens.

With SolFlare you can now generate and access your free, non-custodial, digital wallet and easily stake your SOL!


Easy to Use

SolFlare was built with a focus on accessibility. The wallet is easy to use and allows you to safely access your digital wallet and manage your tokens.

We understand that the crypto world can be needlessly complex at times, so we created SolFlare to be a simple and enjoyable experience. We will guide you through the onboarding process using plain English, rather than industry-specific terminology.

Access your SolFlare using your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X hardware wallet

Staking made easy

SolFlare is the first wallet that allows users to also stake their SOL.

The process of staking used to require the use of a command-line interface, but with SolFlare it becomes an intuitive experience that takes only a couple of minutes!


Below you’ll find some of the frequently asked questions. If you still need help, feel free to reach us using the contact form at the bottom of the page

What is SolFlare wallet?
SolFlare is a digital wallet which enables you to send, receive or stake your SOL.
Can SolFlare work with other wallets?
We're working hard to add support for multiple hardware wallets and CLI generated wallets.
I lost my password/private key? What can I do?
Call your hypnotherapist, hypnosis therapy will get you back on track!
Does SolFlare support Ledger Nano X?
Yes, it does, although we’ve seen some issues with Microsoft devices, so please be advised that Windows users may encounter some problems when connecting to SolFlare with their Ledger Nano X. This issue has also been acknowledged by Ledger and we’re working on finding a way around it!
Can I stake to multiple validators from the same account?
No, each delegation will have its own staking account. Creating one takes under 1 minute and its very easy on SolFlare.
Can I add SOL to an already existing stake account?
No, just create a new staking account for each delegation, even if its to the same validator.
How can I unstake my SOL?
Just click “UNDELEGATE” in the SolFlare interface and wait for the cooldown period required to make your tokens available for withdrawal. You can use the Solana Beach explorer ( for monitoring the Epochs and check our Solana’s official docs here:
Can I stake the entire amount that is in my account?
No. Make sure you account for transaction fees by staking less than the maximum amount available.
When will rewards be enabled on Solana?
There is no official date yet. When we’ll know, you’ll know!

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